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The Tao of Badass is a 150-page training manual written by Joshua Pellicer(a professional dating coach) that has methods, techniques, and secrets to get the woman we love.

If you think that you’re just an “adorable loser” when it comes to attracting opposite sex and you want to become a complete badass at meeting and attracting women,then this manual will teach you all tips,techniques and strategies and will show you the simple mistakes that you need to correct so that you will really be successful with women and get the women you like with an ease.

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Name:  The Tao of Badass

Author: Joshua Pellicer

Regular Price:  $97

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  • Bonus # 1: Never Get Cheated On - Learn how to ensure you never get cheated on!
  •  Bonus # 2: Monogamy Vs Polyamory - Should you date one woman at a time or many women? How to make the right call for you.
  •  Bonus # 3: Escaping The Friend Zone – The Secrets Of Getting Out Of…And STAYING Out Of… The Friend Zone.
  • Bonus # 4: Guide To Breaking Up – The Step-By-Step Process to Leave Her Better Than You Found Her 
  • Bonus # 5: Access to More than 3 hours of live video classes from Day 1 of the last Hacking Attraction seminar of the tao of badass author Joshua Pellicer , which people pay thousands of dollars to attend
  • Bonus # 6: More than 6 hours of audio commentary where the Author speaks about applying the techniques learned in the Tao of Badass.
  • Bonus #7:  5 Week Body Language Mastery Course(Video Series) - You will learn the art of eye contact,touch,negative body language,Psychological space and Dominant body language
  • Bonus #8: Subliminal Inner-Confidence MP3s where the author teaches how to gain self confidence with women.
  • Bonus #9: A Resource Area with an assortment of supplemental material for the Tao of Badass manual containing:
  1. The Banter Cheat Sheet (What to Say When You Open Your Mouth)
  2. In Depth Techniques mentioned in the Tao of Badass (Video)
  3. The Attraction Flowchart (PDF)
  4. Josh Pellicer's Master Class Interview Series (Audio)
  5. The Tao of Badass Texting Guide (PDF)
  6. How to Get Out of the Friend Zone - (Video Training)
  7. How to Attract a Woman at The Workplace (Video)
  8. Seduction Explained : How to Escalate Properly (Video)
  9. Testosterone supplement (Text file)